Friends and Family Test Results

Friends and family May 2023 – Learning Points – Thank you for your feedback

Comment: You failed to call me at all

Response: Doctors endeavour to call at the time specified, however this is not always possible due to unforeseen delays in clinic

Comment: I felt that upping my medication, rather than sending me for physical test, scan, camera, was delaying

Response: Clinicians will always follow a course of action which is in the patients’ best interest

Comment: Nurse practioner couldn't intervene with my condition being as I'm under a consultant for Copd and asthma but my appointments for respitory clinic keep being cancelled and rearranged by their department 3 appoints cancelled by the hospital so far So I feel in limbo

Response: Unfortunately hospital appointments are not under the control of the GP surgery, we would advise contact the respiratory consultant’s secretary to see if the appointment can be expedited

Friends and Family PPG - May 2023